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The Bindery Brand Design

I had the opportunity to help Alex Field build and launch his brand for an independent representation house for authors. We had a blast diving into the ethos of what he wanted the brand to represent and we arrived a strong solution.

Brand Design - logo, fonts, colors, style guide
Website Design and Build (Squarespace)
Collateral - stationary and proposal templates

A Strong Mark

A Strong Mark

Alex loves simple, straightforward, work-horse design. So we explored various options that all communicated strength, confidence, and approachability. The mark we landed on is a Futura based with a border around it. It gives a feel of the old-world publishing houses while remaining relevant and forward-thinking.

A Memorable Mark

A Memorable Mark

The secondary mark was developed to be consistent and familial to the primary mark, yet also stand on its own. The mark reminds one of a stamp or typewriter key.

Bindery Project_Artboard 2.png
Intentional Greys

Intentional Greys

The color palette was created to be minimal and simple. Nothing gaudy or obtrusive, just a simple black and white with a grey accent when needed.

Bindery Project_Artboard 3.png
Bindery Project_Artboard 4 copy.png