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The Good and Simple Co Brand Design

The Good & Simple Company was a side-project created by myself and Jeremy Reeves with the intent of providing more robust and in-depth branding experiences. We begin from the roots of the company and co-create the brand values, positioning, strategy, etc. This serves as a platform to build the visual and verbal pieces. I serve as the Creative Director and Designer when projects roll our way.

I executed the brand design with the intent of being clear, simple, and fun. Exactly the experience we hope everyone has when working with us.

Brand Design - logo, fonts, colors, style guide
Website Design
Art Direction - photography
Collateral - newspaper, marketing

Fun, Fresh, Approachable

Fun, Fresh, Approachable

The brand design utilizes lots of white space with pops of primary colors. There is a wordmark and logo mark to allow for versatility. The subtle smiley face hopefully brings joy to everyone viewing. It is memorable, simple, and straightforward. The colors pop and catch the attention, but are not aggressive or overly bright.

The brand symbols, ie the squiggles and waves, are used as background elements in marketing collateral and presentations. Giving a large amount of versatility and use cases.

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Interesting Portfolios

Interesting Portfolios

A portfolio newspaper was created with the intent of being a fresh way to show the recent work and give a bit more information about the projects. A whole bunch of images and collateral are scattered throughout to give a peak into every corner of the work.

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