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Hold Fast Coffee Club Brand Design

Another extension of Hold Fast began in 2019 with their Coffee Club. They had a great idea to enter the subscription space in their own way. Not only sending coffee every month, but a whole bunch of curated goodies in each box. Making each box fun and exciting.

Brand Design - logo, fonts, colors
Overall Art Direction
Icon Design
Website Page Design
Social Collateral - photography + graphics

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Illustrations To Match

Illustrations To Match

There are 4 key steps in the process that we decided would be awesome to illustrate. Creating a unique identity for the coffee club, but still remaining in the Hold Fast Coffee family.

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Not Average

Not Average

At every turn, we aimed to emphasize that this was different than the normal coffee club. The beans were fresh, the goodies were awesome, and we don’t take life so damn seriously…

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Social Media Assets

Social Media Assets

Keeping the art direction similar to Hold Fast, but still unique and it’s own thing. We created a social media style that wouldn’t look out of place on their Hold Fast Coffee page but it would also be obvious that it was the coffee club.

A Bright Palette

A Bright Palette

As you can see, we identified a family of colors and utilized them to create memorable and fun imagery. Having the flavor notes of each bag displayed in actual fruit and chocolate and flowers was a fun way of approaching things.